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The Alton Electric Company was founded in 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey with the goal of designing and producing electrical and electronic products. This company employs experts in the field of electronic and electrical devices and also industrial designers. Other goals of the Alta Company include exporting products to various locales in the world, elevating the ranking of the brand from Turkey, and increasing the level of direct contact with the global economy. Also, producing in a world class level has always been a mission of this company.

The research and development section is one of the most active parts of the company that constantly works on improving existing products and designing new products using world class modern technology. The Alton Electric Company welcomes cooperation with other companies active in the field of electrical and electronic products. Therefore, the company is cooperating with companies in some Asian and European countries.

The collection of Maya switch and outlet products are significant examples of high quality world class products that are offered to customers in Turkey and four other countries. Alton Electric has always tried to make high quality products. This collective believes that the best form of advertising is the good quality of the product and the satisfaction of the customers. Therefore, this company offers long term customer support and services thanks to being sure of the products’ functioning and quality and conforming to the highest global standards in production line and product design.